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VW Golf Bike Rack 2- The SeaSucker Talon

VW Golf R Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

VW Golf Bike Rack 2- The SeaSucker TalonJames is a keen mountain bike rider who was also looking for a VW Golf R Bike Rack. Having recently purchased his VW Golf R James didn’t want to install an ugly permanent bike rack on his car. Consequently, James contacted us to identify the right SeaSucker Bike Rack for his needs.

VW Golf Bike Rack 2- The SeaSucker TalonJames visited our office in Cheltenham so we could demonstrate how to get the most out of a SeaSucker Bike Rack. As a result, we recommended the SeaSucker Talon with a SeaSucker 15 mm x 100 mm Through-Axle Fork Mount. Furthermore, the through-axle fork mount allows James to transport his mountain bike.

VW Golf Bike Rack 2- The SeaSucker TalonThe SeaSucker Talon is highly versatile. It can by be used on most cars saving money by not having to purchase another bike rack when changing cars. It also minimises fuel cost by not having a permanent bike rack on your car.  As a result, the SeaSucker Talon represents a great return on investment.

VW Golf Bike Rack 2- The SeaSucker TalonThanks James for sending us your photos.

Looking for a bike rack for your VW Golf R?

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SeaSucker Talon Product Photo

The SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

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