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BMW 328i Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Talon

BMW 328i Bike Rack – The SeaSucker Talon

BMW 328i Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonMichael is a keen recreational rider who was in the market for a BMW 328i Bike Rack. Michael contacted us after researching various options to transport his road bike. After a brief discussion, we recommended the SeaSucker Talon 1-bike rack.

BMW 328i Bike Rack - The SeaSucker TalonMichael’s requirements are an ideal match for the SeaSucker Talon kit. The BMW 328i has ample space to carry the front wheel in the boot. As a result, a front wheel carrier, like the SeaSucker Flight Deck is not required. There are several mounting locations that can be used. Michael chose to roof mount his bike rack as shown in the photos.

BMW 328i Bike Rack - The SeaSucker Talon

Benefits of the SeaSucker Talon

The SeaSucker Talon is highly adaptable, capable of working with most cars in the market. It reduces cost by not purchasing another bike rack when changing cars. Furthermore, installation of the SeaSucker Talon takes less than 2 minutes and removal takes seconds. Therefore the bike rack is installed only when you need it. This subsequently saves on fuel consumption by not having a permanent bike rack. As a result, the SeaSucker Talon represents a great return on investment.

Below is Michael’s feedback.

The SeaSucker Talon setup is a quick and easy solution to ugly roof racks. I care about my cars and my bike, the SeaSucker Talon provides me with the flexibility to move my bike around without unsightly roof racks needing to be installed.
Looking for a bike rack for your BMW 328i?

Buy the SeaSucker Talon through our online store.

SeaSucker Talon Product Photo

The SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack

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