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Mini Wagon Roof Rack - The SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack

Mini Wagon Roof Rack – The SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack

Mini Wagon Roof Rack - The SeaSucker Paddle Board RackCarmen is a hairdresser and a successful business owner, she owns Eco Hill Hair Boutique in Queensland. Carmen also loves the great outdoors especially water sports. She contacted us looking for a way to carry surfboards and stand-up paddleboards on top of her Mini Wagon.

Mini Wagon Roof close up viewAfter sending us a few photos we identified several mounting options confident one of them would meet her needs. The challenge was to find a mounting location that did not interfere with the huge glass roof on her Mini Wagon. Carme’s preference was to be able to open the glass roof with the roof rack installed.

Mini Wagon Roof Rack - The SeaSucker Paddle Board RackSeveral weeks later including numerous trips to her holiday house Carmen sent us these photos. We were concerned as Carmen had mounted the SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack main board on the rear of her Mini Wagon. The main board has 4 industrial vacuum mounts designed to absorb the aerodynamic loads typically found towards the front of the roof rack. Given each trip to her holiday house is over 200 km this configuration has proven to be very reliable. Having said this we do not recommend installing the SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack in this configuration.

Thanks Carmen for trusting us and sharing your story.

Looking for a Roof Rack or Paddle Board Rack for your Mini Wagon?

SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack

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