Vehicle Rifle Rest

Vehicle Mounted Rifle Rest

Customer Project  – Vehicle Mounted Rifle Rest 

Vehicle Rifle RestCharlie is an avid recreational shooter based in Queensland. Charlie does allot of shooting from within his vehicle on large private properties. Having a vehicle mounted rifle rest that allows him to keep his window closed when travelling is a high priority. Having tried other mounting systems he decided to give SeaSucker vacuum mounts a try.

Vehicle Mounted Rifle RestWhilst this is the unfinished prototype Charlie has plans to further improve its usability. This includes adding foam padding across the top. The simplicity of his design along with its adjust ability makes this a very clever product. Charlie’s design is also vehicle agnostic allowing him to use it on any vehicle. Best of all he can install and remove his vehicle mounted rifle rest  in seconds.

Vehicle Mounted Rifle RestCharlie plans on producing his vehicle mounted rifle rest for other shooting enthusiasts.  Please contact Charlie Dill using his details below if you have any further queries.

Charlie Dill

PH: +61 438 000 721