Audti TT Coupe side view with Mini Bomber upgraded

Audi TT Coupe Bike Rack – Part 3

Audi TT Coupe Bike Rack – The Mini Bomber with the lot Part 3.

The Mini Bomber upgradesAudti TT Coupe rear quarter with Mini Bomber upgraded

This is where the installation absorbed most of the time. Firstly, working with Amanda we worked out the ideal location for each bike given her specific requirements. We determined that her road bike was best suited on the left-hand side, her mountain bike in the middle position leaving the large race bike to be located on the right-hand side. This configuration would only apply when Amanda needed to carry all three bikes, otherwise, she could easily put any two bikes on the bike rack in a location of her choosing.

Audti TT Coupe front view with fully upgraded SeaSucker Mini BomberNext, I installed the third bike upgrade kit whilst at the same time changing the position of each quick release fork mount to identify which combination would give the most clearance between each bike. In the end, we settled on using the default location for each quick release fork mount; these are the centre holes (each quick release fork mount location has a set of three pre-drilled holes creating a multitude of different locations and angles).

Audti TT Coupe front view with fully upgraded SeaSucker Mini BomberAt this point we were both concerned regarding the inadequate clearance between each bike; the risk is the bikes would rub against each other during transport. The main contributing factor to this issue has to do with the longitudinal roof curvature. (curvature of the roof going from front to back), it is quite pronounced on the Audi TT Coupe. We managed to overcome this issue once the flight decks were installed. As the rear wheel strap is installed onto the bottom of the flight deck it elevates the rear wheel by 16 mm. With the Flight Decks installed on the left and right-hand bike locations, this meant that Amanda’s road bike and her friend’s race bike pivoted forward creating ample space between Amanda’s mountain bike in the middle position. The front wheel carriers were then installed and tested.

Audti TT Coupe side view with Mini Bomber upgradedOnce Amanda was happy this would meet her requirements the entire bike rack setup was removed and it was time to take Amanda through the installation and removal process. Needless to say, Amanda was able to install the bike rack, load three bikes and two front wheels in under five minutes on her first attempt. I have no doubt this time frame will decrease moving forward.

This installation presented a number of first-time challenges however it also highlighted how incredibly versatile the Mini Bomber can be. There were times where I had my doubts that the Mini Bomber could safely carry three large bikes however, in the end, it proved me wrong. After receiving an email from Amanda several weeks later she confirmed that she had put the bike rack through its paces several times and was very comfortable transporting her bikes. The only thing she reported was the bewildered looks from strangers which is common when using any SeaSucker bike rack.

If you speak to any SeaSucker bike rack customer they will tell you they not only find these looks amusing they are often stopped by complete strangers wanting to know more about this revolutionary bike rack solution. All I can say is “It comes with the territory of owning a SeaSucker Bike Rack!”

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  1. SeaSucker Mini bomber
  2. SeaSucker Third Bike Upgrade Kit
  3. SeaSucker Flight Deck

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