Audi TT Coupe with Mini Bomber

Audi TT Coupe Bike Rack – Part 2

Audi TT Coupe Bike Rack – The Mini Bomber with the lot Part 2!

The standard Mini Bomber install

Audi TT Coupe front with Mini Bomber After meeting Amanda on-site I ran through the various install locations. Before commencing any installation the car surface is cleaned and the side of the car is covered using a large towel with two ropes sown at each end. The ropes are tied to a pair of 114 mm SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts with Aluminium Handles. This allows me to work on the car without risking any damage to the paintwork. The vacuum mounts are great as I can position them anywhere on the car to keep the towel well spread out. Just as well as the day of the install was quite windy.

Working with Amanda I quickly worked out the ideal location for the Mini Bomber main board was in line with the two front factory roof rack mounting points. This gave Amanda a good visual reference when Audti TT Coupe with Mini Bomberinstalling the Mini Bomber main board. It also located the rear wheel straps as high up as we could put them on her rear window keeping any obstruction through the rear view mirror to an absolute minimum, in fact, you could barely see them through the rear view mirror.

We started by installing the Mini Bomber with Amanda’s two bikes because if we couldn’t get this right there was no point continuing with the upgrades. After completing the install the bikes are removed along with the bike rack and its time for Amanda to go through the process. Under my watchful eye, Amanda went through the install process with ease. She installed the SeaSucker Mini Bomber, temporarily located the rear wheel straps, loaded each bike and secured it within minutes. Once this is completed I got Amanda to go through the removal process which took her only a matter of seconds. After repeating this process a few times Amanda was confident she could load and unload her bikes on her own.

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber Upgrades

Audti TT Coupe with Mini Bomber Front viewThis was no ordinary set of requirements. As mentioned in Part 1 Amanda rides with a friend at times who has a competition race bike and is very tall meaning his frame is larger than most. Realizing his bike was not available and yours truly forgot the Flight Decks at the warehouse (yes, I had a very blonde moment!) we decided to reconvene later that day to tackle the biggest part of this challenge. Could Amanda’s Audit TT Coupe handle the Mini Bomber loaded with three full-size bikes and a pair of SeaSucker Flight Decks? Would it tick all of Amanda’s requirements as outlined in Part 1?

We will cover this is the final installment here at SeaSucker Blog.

Products Used (also available through our online store)

  1. SeaSucker Mini bomber
  2. SeaSucker Third Bike Upgrade Kit
  3. SeaSucker Flight Deck

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