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152mm (6") SeaSucker Vacuum Mount

SeaSuckers are Vacuum Cup Mounts, not suction cups. There’s a big difference between the two.

Our vacuum cups have enormous holding power and will stay attached to a smooth flat surface for days at a time.

The 114mm (4 1/2″) SeaSucker is rated to hold over 45Kg’s (100lbs) !  If you think that’s strong, our 152mm (6″) SeaSucker will hold over 90Kg’s (200lbs)!

That amazing strength is supported by an incredible safety feature not found on suction cups; when a SeaSucker starts to lose vacuum (and it will lose some vacuum over time – it’s not a permanent mount), it will let you know by exposing an orange band.

When you see the orange band, there’s no need take it off and remount, simply give it a couple of pumps, and  you’re back to maximum strength.

Please feel free to visit our website: seasucker.com.au

We have an extensive range of products based on vacuum mounting technology, this includes:

  • Bike Racks
  • Surf / Paddle board Racks
  • iPhone / Smartphone Mounts
  • iPad / Tablet Mounts
  • GPS Mounts
  • Fish Finder mounts
  • Camera Mounts
  • Video Mounts
  • Cup Holders
  • Rod Holders
  • Bait Boards
  • Storage Solutions
  • Dive Tank Holders
  • Handles

We will be providing an in-depth look into each product category listed above. In the meantime if there is a product or product category you would like us to include as a priority please reply to this post and we will endeavor to publish the article within a few days.

Like our motto says!



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  1. This is the only time I’ve been to your website. Thanks for providing more details.

  2. Thanks Christine,
    Please let me know if there is an idea or concept you would like to us to cover.


    SeaSucker Australia and New Zealand

  3. Christine says :

    great ideas. have just found you here, and will bookmark to come back. top work.

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